Josh Doyle

Joshua Doyle

Educational Consultant, Specialized Placements

Joshua C. Doyle, M.Ed. has dedicated 25 years to working with students and young adults who struggle with learning, attention, social, emotional and behavioral issues, with a focus on specialized placements.

Josh brings to The Goldberg Center industry-recognized tenure in admissions offices of private institutions that cater to special and alternative needs. He has a well-earned reputation as an honest, direct, and passionate advocate who has the drive, knowledge, and ability to affect change and directly assist students who are struggling, and their families.

While personally visiting hundreds of schools and therapeutically-driven programs all over the country each year, Josh checks in on the students he places on a regular basis to track them, and let them know he is still very much invested into their journey and process. This also allows him to keep a finger on the pulse of the institutions and programs, even systematically reviewing personnel changes, general staff turnover, and enrollment levels to more accurately gauge institutional health and the care individual students are receiving.

Referring psychologist testimonial:

“Josh is one of the most passionate, personable, and compassionate individuals with whom I have had the pleasure of working with. I have repeatedly used Josh for my most challenging patients, when all seemed lost, and he was able to turn the situation around to a positive outcome. I will continue to utilize Josh's talents to enhance the lives of my population. He is the one I turn to when I have parents sitting in my office crying, wringing their hands because they have tried everything they know, but know that is not enough."

Josh graduated from Castleton State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History before earning a Master of Education degree from Saint Michael’s College.

Josh’s educational administration background includes serving as director of admissions at a small liberal arts college, where he oversaw all aspects of the admissions process, from inquiry to application to enrollment for students seeking a specialized experience.

Josh also took the helm as admissions director of a highly specialized boarding and day school for students with learning challenges for more than five years after serving as its assistant director. There Josh developed a strong national reputation as a high-integrity professional through his stringent assessment of applicants’ needs, not only on the learning front, but in the social, emotional, and behavioral domains as well.

Josh also brings a number of credentials and affiliations to The Goldberg Center, including numerous board positions, panel participations and formal recognitions of his work over the years.

In addition, Josh delivers educational presentations at schools across the country on the subjects of transitioning students from one school to another, technology addiction, and best practices for helping neurologically atypical (neuroatypical) students.  Josh and his wife are the parents of two children that he struggles to keep up with on ski slopes and mountain biking trails.

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