Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

Residential Treatment Centers for TeensResidential treatment centers for teens offer more intensive intervention than therapeutic boarding schools. Typically, these adolescent residential treatment programs provide both individual and group therapy and integrate family work whenever possible.

Some specialize as mental health treatment centers, focusing on teens who struggle with acute psychiatric issues such as depression and anxiety. Others direct specific care to treating a wide range of substance abuses as addiction treatment centers. Some integrate interventions as dual diagnosis treatment centers aimed at assisting with both addictive behaviors and mental health struggles. You can even find additional specialization at eating disorder treatment centers, among other niche programs.

Although academic credits are available, the priority is clearly placed on achieving stabilization and wrapping around supports in what is referred to as the 'milieu,' or the therapeutic environment. Most are Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited and offer on-site medication management and monitoring. 

Typically, you can expect an average length of stay to run from a few months to a year and fees are often shared between the family and health care insurance, depending on the scope of mental health coverage in a family's plan.

You can trust educational consultants at The Goldberg Center for Educational PlanningTM to help you both determine the most appropriate adolescent residential treatment center for your child and make sure you are optimizing your cost position.