Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment CentersAddiction treatment centers run the gamut from alcohol treatment centers to drug treatment programs to substance abuse programs to specialized addictive behavior modification programs.

Addictive tendencies can manifest in various compulsions other than substances. Sexual/pornographic addictions are widespread, as are internet, gaming and gambling addictions.

Regardless of the classification of an addiction, it inexorably becomes the crux of dysfunction for an individual and his/her family if untreated. Oftentimes, a family is compelled to come together to convince an addicted teen to get help.

Whether addictive behaviors have only just surfaced or have been pervasive and long-standing, addiction treatment centers employ a range and combination of interventions including detoxification, 12-Step, medication, support groups, community resources, and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others. Sometimes, addiction intervention can be combined with mental health treatment in what is referred to as dual-diagnosis treatment.

You can trust educational consultants at The Goldberg Center for Educational PlanningTM to help you balance the right treatment priorities for you and your addicted teen in evaluating addiction treatment centers.