Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding SchoolsTherapeutic boarding schools are not all alike. For starters, a therapeutic boarding school's general aim is to balance an education with a varying level of appropriate supervision and supports in a safe living environment.

School to school, the developmental priorities vary. Some therapeutic boarding schools focus on assisting with emotional struggles, others cater more to behavioral challenges, and some provide a mix of both in addition to emphasizing issues of socialization. Today, therapeutic boarding schools in general are placing a higher priority on and involving the participation of the family when relevant and feasible.

Most of these schools are credentialed to grant a high school diploma or at least provide credits for transfer. You can expect a student to spend, on average, one to two years at a therapeutic boarding school and you can expect to pay an incremental amount above what a traditional boarding school would charge, primarily due to the therapeutic component added to customary room and board and academic charges.

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