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We have all heard of the phrases, "30 is the new 20" and "failure to launch."

Some of the current generation of young adults who are leaving high school are entering college and the "real world" wholly unprepared for life.  They are lacking confidence and resiliency, and showing higher levels of depression and anxiety than previous generations.

Many do not have an interest in working at jobs they consider beneath them and instead isolate themselves by turning to screens or substance abuse.

Many students have convinced themselves that when they turn 18 and have control over of their lives, things will fall in place. Often this is wishful thinking. Some of these young adults end up leaving college and returning home to live with their parent(s). This is a major emotional setback for the young adult and can create a hostile home environment for the entire family.

Our job is to provide the family with a thoughtful and specific plan to help the young adult find traction, and to assist the client in the process of obtaining a higher level of independence and self-reliance.

We work directly with the young adults and their parents to guide them in their respective roles in the process.

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How is The Goldberg Center different?

We work directly with each person, meeting online or in person to understand the issues you face. Once we begin working together, we stay in touch and continue to support you. We help you find the right next step to identify the best approach to move from program or school to independent living.

We are committed to working with young adults who are facing a challenging time and need the right support and the right tools to lead independent successful lives. We can help you find the healthiest approach for you to move forward.

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