Dual diagnosis treatment centers are a category of residential treatment centers and are designed to treat co-occurring disorders - mental illness and chemical dependency.

When a psychiatric condition precedes substance use and eventual abuse, troubled teens tend to look to alcohol and drugs to self-soothe or self-medicate. On the other hand, a physiological dependency can drive the onset of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric imbalances.

Regardless of which comes first, treatment is a very delicate matter. Both issues must be addressed simultaneously, yet consistently, in order to make effective progress. Much depends on which substances have been abused and for how long. On the other side, the nature of the mental struggle and its impact on behavior is key.

When counseling your family on dual diagnosis treatment centers, educational consultants at The Goldberg Center  can carefully weigh both sides of the equation in consideration of what is most critical for your individual child, teenager, or young adult.

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