Specialized education schools | LD schools | ADHD and autism schools

Special education schools provide students with an opportunity to find success in their own way. If your child is struggling with the standard curriculum in public school, there are many other options available. This holds true for those struggling with learning disabilities, attention issues, autism spectrum disorders or any other cognitive or neurological challenges.

While some students genuinely require an alternative curriculum, others simply need new strategies for putting their best foot forward. Many different schools can help in uniquely effective ways.

Funding options for special education schools also vary greatly. Your child may ultimately qualify for an "out-of-district" placement, partially or even entirely funded by your public school system.

LD schools

Learning disabilities schools, often referred to as LD schools, primarily focus on skill building and self-advocacy.

Students who have struggled with language acquisition, development, or processing need to build consistent strategies in order to find academic success. Certain special education schools construct their curriculum, staff, and resources to support such students that present with a language-based learning disability or what used to be commonly referred to as dyslexia.

Other schools aim to support those students who are diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disability, NLD or NVLD in its short form. These students have very different needs, typically in the visual-spatial, perceptual and social domains.

ADHD schools  

Searching for the right ADHD school for your child can be very challenging. ADHD is an all-encompassing diagnosis that manifests differently in every child.

Some students are mainly inattentive, yet others are considerably more hyperactive. Some struggle with executive functioning and general organizational issues and some exhibit pronounced behavioral issues. School supports are going to differ significantly for all of these different types of students within the population diagnosed ADHD.

Autism schools | Asperger's schools

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, including asperger's syndrome and PDD, is on the rise. Consequently, as more students and families seek autism resources, appropriate schools have been opening all over the country.

Although some of these schools cater to children with more profound needs, many others aim to meet the needs of students characterized as presenting with high-functioning autism.

For these students, schools recognize that exceptional abilities in some cognitive areas can be leveraged if challenges in social pragmatics, ritualistic behaviors, perseveration, and motor skills, among other deficits, are met head on.

The Goldberg Center is well-versed in the myriad of learning styles and has been trusted for decades to help make the best match to ensure academic success for those students needing a school with specialized support for ADHD.

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