Client and Professional Testimonials for The Goldberg Center

"Our child was in crisis.  Until we were introduced to the [Goldberg Center], we were at a complete loss for what to do. They opened up a world of resources we had no idea existed for which we are profoundly grateful:  without their timely intervention our daughter would have been lost to us."

"I just returned from visiting my daughter. In a short amount of time she seems strong, confident, and sure of herself, a reminder of our daughter before she got sick. You were so right when you said that this program would offer a nurturing environment.  Their entire model will prepare her to be a fine adult and to deal with her depression in ways her father and I could not have accomplished. I thank you for your direction, honesty and support."

"In the most difficult, excruciating & frightening time, you promised to hold my hand and you did. I am so used to people & organizations promising one thing & delivering far less.  All of you have been terrific, & delivered on your promise. We'd never have found [program name] without you and it, too, has come through with what it promised to do for our son. I cannot thank you enough!"

"Thanks Josh. My husband and I just came back from our visit with our son at [his program]...We not only have our son back, but we have the new and improved version! Thanks again for all you've done..."

"Last week we celebrated our son's 3 year anniversary, the day he left us and his life began...I can only thank Leslie for this.   I would say anything, anytime, anywhere. He is in his second year at the Community College, employed part time and dating a lovely girl."

"I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't gone ahead and decided to use an educational consultant-plus I was lucky enough to find you-and Josh-who was there for us all the way-so supportive and helpful and caring-I couldn't have wished for a better outcome."

"Thank you so much for saving my daughter's life. You made a difference in our lives at a difficult time with your warmth and caring ways. We will be forever grateful."

"I can now appreciate why you have such an excellent reputation in your industry. In addition to guiding us through the educational/therapeutic choices, you were always there to add your insights and caring words of encouragement. You have an amazing gift and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you."

"Thanks, Josh. I am so proud of him (my son) too...he is just such an extraordinary person and I am so so grateful/relieved/take your pick to see him start to pull himself back together...this doesn't happen without the support of a lot of caring people and more than that, a caring community and I can never thank you enough for helping us get back on track."

"You're the best Leslie...I'll never forget how incredible you have been with this whole process. Quite frankly we don't know what we would have done without you. I am thankful everyday that we found you. With enormous gratitude and great love and respect..."

"Thank you so much for your involvement. I am glad the other consultants I called it the area way back in January 2008 did not answer their phones and return my calls and you did. You have helped us immensely. Once again Leslie, your expertise was invaluable."

"It does not seem adequate to just thank you for all that you have done to literally change the direction of our family. Thank God we met with Leslie and then Josh instead of placing our son in the school we had chosen! To this day, I really feel watched over for being led to your services. Without your adamant influence, we would not have known that he really had to go through a wilderness program before any therapeutic schooling. Equally valuable, we learned that not all wilderness programs and therapeutic schools are equal!"

"We were very pleased with his wilderness program and of course, the therapist you chose was amazing for him. Without a doubt, the timing of our intervention appears to have been key to saving our son from further self destruction. I realize that we have a long journey ahead of us but am confident that we are now on the right path! I am also appreciative of the testing results and have a better understanding of our son's diagnosis. Per your suggestion, I plan to explore the subject in more depth. I am also confident that his current boarding school will provide him with the educational and therapeutic support that he needs. Again, thank you for steering us."

"I can't thank you enough for your help with our son. He is safely at [program name] now and we feel like we are in good hands. I never dreamed we would be in this position but you two made it much easier to go through. Josh: Especially a big thanks and hug to you for being so attentive and helpful."

"My husband and I both believe that Josh went above and beyond his 'call of duty' in working with us, especially when we had a crisis with our son. This has been an exceptionally difficult time for us and his compassion and expertise proved invaluable."

"We have been meaning to get in touch with you to let you know that our daughter is doing great and to thank you once again. She told us about a month ago that she cannot believe that she is living at home, studying and is the happiest she has been in her life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get there."

Private school:

"[Our son] is very happy with his acceptance to [this] School, as are we...I keep running into people who say wonderful things about it...I think the learning center is just what he needs... [My husband] and I are so grateful that we contacted you and with the recommendations you gave us..."

"HE'S IN!!!!!! I'm so relieved. The funny thing is, even if [he] had other options I believe [this school] is the best fit for him. I'm so thankful...We're thinking of sending [our other son], who is in 8th grade now, to [this school] too because we liked it so much. Thanks for all the support. We really appreciate it."

"We can't thank you enough for matching our son with the most perfect school for his personality and his learning needs. We could never have accomplished this without your help and guidance. It is hard to believe that just six short months ago we didn't know any of this would ever take place. You have helped set a new course for our son's life. We will be forever grateful to you both!"

"I've been working my butt off this year and so far so good! I've been getting a lot of compliments from teachers academic wise as well as sports wise. Things are going great for me this year, and I actually just finished doing my speech for class elections this year. It is a lot of work but I'm still loving this school, all thanks to you! So thank you for changing my life in the best possible way!"

"As my son starts his second year at XYZ School, I've been meaning to let you know how happy he is and what a wonderful match it's been. He's playing varsity soccer for his second year, starting. He played JV basketball last year, receiving the Coach's award at the sports banquet and he played varsity lacrosse, never having held a lacrosse stick before. He did very well academically, making honor roll every term, taking honors pre-cal and this year Bio II. He has connected well to teachers and coaches and has flourished. But I think his own words say it best...this summer he came up to me and said 'thanks Mom', I know it wasn't my decision to go to XYZ, but I'm so happy there; it's made all the difference". Wow! As you may recall, it was always about finding the right fit and we seemed to. I will forever be grateful for you finding this school for us."


"I know I speak for my husband also when I say that we are both thrilled with your advice and your precise, calm, respectful and sane approach to [our son] and his college/program choices...thanks for your work so far...I agree with and understand everything you have said and suggested so far. It's been very thoughtful and comprehensive."

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