What are educational consultants and how do they work?

The Goldberg Center is a collection of highly experienced, trusted professionals who work to bring the experienced, personalized, and compassionate consulting solutions to children, individuals, and families.

Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the educational consultants at The Goldberg Center all hold advanced degrees in their fields.  We each invest considerable time visiting a variety of schools and programs as well as staying current with trends, regulations, and professional development so that we can provide accurate and unbiased advice to our clients.

Our educational consultants specialize in:

  • Residential treatment centers
  • Wilderness and experiential programs
  • Specialized schools
  • Transitional living programs

Why hire an educational consultant?

Gain peace of mind, preserve healthy family relationships, and save money in the end.

Research and decisions related to education can be stressful and overwhelming and involve considerable expense for the children, teens, and young adults and their families.  

There are a multitude of options available and an infinite number of rankings, blogs, guide books, and online resources that detail facts as well as render opinions.  While all of this information can be helpful, it can also leave you unable to accurately examine and compare your options and make the best decisions.

The Goldberg helps you get it right the first time.

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