Step one: Exploration

  • Exploratory/compatibility call - discuss what you are looking for from an educational consultant and assess the fit of our organization with your family’s needs.
  • Call with consultant to further discuss.

Step two: Needs assessment

  • Schedule initial consultation or home visit.
  • The Goldberg Center visits are at home or our offices or we conduct a video interview with the appropriate members of the family, often including the child/teen/young adult requiring assistance.
  • Prior to this interview we will review all materials available including but not limited to: IEP, assessment testing, transcripts etc.
Step three: Recommendations

Step three: Recommendations

  • The Goldberg Center conducts interviews with members of your child’s team including medical providers, mental health professionals, teachers, and extended family members.
  • The Goldberg Center reaches out to schools and programs to assess fit. Before providing a family with a recommendation for program placement, a Goldberg Center consultant will already have had preliminary conversations with the program about the individual and will have identified this program as a likely option for the individual.
  • The Goldberg Center will offer the family a number of options to consider and will help guide the family through the selection process.

Step four: Progress tracking

  • The Goldberg Center consultants can maintain contact with schools/families to assess the individual's progress within the chosen program. During this time, the consultant will likely contact the school, individual, and/or family for updates and support.

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How are we different ?

The Goldberge Center

Personal attention

We perform our own research and provide our clients with first-hand knowledge of the options available. We identify the most appropriate fit for each individual based on personal experience with facilities and their personnel.

The Goldberg Center


We have been providing educational consulting services to children, teens, and young adults for over thirty years and bring a depth of understanding to each person’s situation. Our experience enables our team to anticipate what's around every corner of the journey.

The Goldberg Center


Because of our experience, candor, and ability to guide families through challenging periods, we have earned the trust and confidence of professionals plus thousands of our clients, parents, and other family members.

We help kids, teens, and young adults. Can we help you or your family?
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