Eating disorder treatment centers are highly specialized residential treatment centers that address a rapidly growing issue among both teenage girls and teenage boys.

Eating disorders were once thought to be limited to adolescent girls, but research now shows that boys are affected as well and the age range is greatly expanded.

Eating disorder treatment centers primarily treat anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Such compulsions to avoid eating or eat in excess dangerously impact both a teen's physical and mental health. Once the negative behaviors set in, issues can compound in a rapid downward spiral due to the dual impact on overall wellness.

Today much more is known about eating disorders and thus treatment has become more comprehensive. Root psychiatric problems are addressed such as obsessive compulsive behaviors, other anxieties, depression, and trauma. Also, societal factors of values and norms are examined as part of the ongoing treatment.

The Goldberg Center is sensitive to the complexities associated with eating disorders and recognizes that families need both empathy and circumspection in considering eating disorder treatment centers for a teen.

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