Mental health treatment centers offer intensive clinical support for troubled teens with psychiatric disorders.

Whether the prevailing issue has roots in childhood depression, childhood anxiety, a budding character/personality disorder, the onset of Bipolar Disorder, attachment issues or trauma, the decompensation into Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), or any other serious mental health condition, help is available. This help can be directed at inward emotions and/or outward behaviors.

Mental health treatment centers come in many different forms.

Naturally, a psychiatric hospital or a psychiatric unit within a hospital is set up to triage emergency psychiatric care and can, to a certain extent, extend treatment in order to achieve stabilization. The level and personalization of care varies from facility to facility.

If your child has experienced repeated psychiatric hospitalizations and the crisis is seemingly ongoing, you may need to consider longer-term treatment in a residential setting. Beyond psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric clinics, residential treatment can come in a setting that feels less institutionalized such as a group home or rustic camp-like bunks or a school-like campus.

Residential treatment centers can provide intensive clinical care for those who have thought of or actually attempted suicide or any other self-harm, including cutting and self-mutilation. Some are also designed to treat more extreme anxiety disorders, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Additionally, some treatment centers can also cater a milieu to gender issues in a single-sex setting.

With so many variables, the decision can seem completely overwhelming to you. When you are in crisis and unsure of the clarity of your own thinking, it can be helpful to have a trusted guide advising you every step of the way.

The Goldberg Center can help families in crisis take control of the chaos and make rational moves when contemplating mental health treatment centers.

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