Educational Consulting: The Next Frontier in Employee Rewards

Two years ago, a well known CEO sat in my office crying like a baby. His son struggled with learning, emotional, and behavioral issues. Earlier that morning I had read in The Wall Street Journal about a large corporate acquisition he was supposedly orchestrating across the country.

I knew better. The rest of the world didn't realize that he was taking hours, days, and even weeks away from his highly visible work in order to explore critical education options for his son... "family first!" he insisted.

I figured he couldn't be alone. If you multiply that case by the millions, not just at the top of the corporate food chain, but across every department, at every level, you're looking at a HUGE issue with employee motivation and productivity. I had to act.

After conducting a year of market research, formulating the business plan, lining up three rounds of venture funding, and building a cutting-edge content management platform, I recently launched a spin-off education venture called EnCompass Education.

In our first season of operations, we have already begun working with companies in the life sciences, travel & leisure, and financial sectors, among others.

So far, so good. We are genuinely helping leading companies increase employee retention. Now one might ask, "Why is employee retention an issue while everyone is laying off in this economy?" We've actually found that in times like these, the only employees that can afford to move are the good ones... the ones you NEED to keep and therefore the ones you need to keep happy as an "employer of choice."

So what's on everyone's minds right now in the workplace? Without question, the impact of the education crisis on personal finance. We are specifically providing a ‘bailout' of our own kind by helping corporate employees:

  • Optimize college funding while credit markets are in a funk
  • Secure special education services against a backdrop of mind-boggling budget cuts
  • Maximize tuition reimbursement for continuing education when most of the $ is usually wasted
  • Prioritize key education resources during the early years of public and private education

If we can continue to provide a unique solution for addressing key employee turnover through EnCompass Education, we will have done our part to change the face of educational consulting in a period of unprecedented uncertainty.

If you feel that EnCompass might be a great addition to your company's employee rewards or work/life programming and that that you could individually benefit from your company's investment, please contact me directly.

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