The FAAS Buzz - A uniquely cathartic community for financial aid professionals

Nina Flood is a self-proclaimed "financial aid geek." I guess you'd assume that would hold true for someone who has lived a life dedicated to championing education financing for over 25 years.

I can honestly report that I've caught the bug myself. It's tough not to when you spend enough time with Nina. We often kick back and find ourselves marveling over financial aid follies... the fact that seven of ten people still refer to the FAFSA as FASFA... the idea that so many families who would qualify for aid never apply... and especially the notion that financial aid administrators are restricted as to how they can productively direct families.

"Wait a second," we recently thought... "Why not make it easier for these financial aid administrators?! Let's create a new community where these professionals can gather to share frustrations, keep up with education tax benefit changes, get the latest skinny on who's doing what, and FINALLY, direct families to the most current education loan rates and fees when they can't advise them directly?!"

This thought ultimately led to our creation and now launch of the FAAS Buzz, an informative and, in some ways, cathartic web community comprised only of financial aid administrators (FAAS)... a refreshing extension of their more formal associations within the NASFAA fold.

If you are a financial aid professional and are interested in connecting to the FAAS Buzz, please email

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