Educational Consulting to Engage Employees?!

Some readers of this blog are familiar with EnCompass Education, our venture that brings educational consulting into companies as an employee benefit program. Very few, however, are aware that we have just launched its new web platform:, which is designed to both assist human resources with decision-making on the front-end and meet the varied education needs of corporate employees on the back-end.

While the back-end content management system is only available to our corporate clients' employees, the front end is accessible to all.

I am happy to report that our programming is highly utilized (substantially more than EAPs and other comparable work-life initiatives), highly praised, and is helping companies engage employees like never before.

If you have an interest, or even curiosity, in how the need to engage employees is changing the way companies invest in education, check out our new EnCompass Education digs and feel free to weigh in on the new work. life. learn. blog! as well.

As always, thanks for stopping in...


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