Educational Planning - A Different Approach

Educational PlanningThe Goldberg Center for Educational PlanningTM has fine-tuned its approach to educational consulting over the past few decades, setting the standard for "hand-holding" guidance in the world of educational planning and placement.

You should at least expect the following from ANY educational planning engagement:

  • Gleaning and assessing the needs of the student through interviews with the student, family, and other appropriate individuals as well as through review of records
  • Case Coordination, including ongoing communication with the family and other professionals working with the student and/or family
  • Extensive Research and Matching of the student's needs with potential appropriate schools and/or programs
  • Reviewing Options thoroughly with the student and/or family through discussion of the pros and cons of each school or program for the particular student
  • Coaching the student and the family through the applications, visits, interviews, and other aspects required for admission to schools and/or programs
  • Advocating for the student in an unbiased manner, when appropriate
  • Tracking the student's progress while enrolled in a school or program 

In addition, you can expect from OUR educational planning engagement:

  • Teaming of ideas and approaches by multiple educational consultants in our center; our best ideas flow from "roundtable" discussions of each case
  • Assessment of educational planning and placement needs through a tool that is unique to our practice and created in conjunction with leading professionals
  • Compassion in our communications and manner in which we put you in the best position to make sound educational planning decisions
  • Trusted advice sought, not only by our clients, but by leading professionals throughout the world as well
  • Experience we have built in helping more families than those of most educational consultants combined
  • Evaluation of the level and quality of service we deliver throughout our work in the educational planning engagement together