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Real Life Begins at 18

Real life begins at 18...

Of all the ages I find the most difficult but endearing to work with it has to be the teens who are between 17 1/2 and..

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Who needs a consultant with the Internet’s information at our fingertips?

It is truly amazing to put a word or phrase into Google and get all of the information that one could possibly need! Really? The biggest question..

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It's a matter of time...

It’s a matter of time…

In my former life as an admissions director, we had accepted Alex into our program for September.  Alex’s parents were..

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Leslie Goldberg on LA Talk Radio: Why need an educational consultant?

Leslie S. Goldberg, M.Ed., CEP was interviewed on LA Talk Radio. In the discussion, she outlined why someone would need an educational..

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Don't believe the Skype? Ask a troubled teen!

One of the compromises I have learned to make is that sometimes face to face meeting are not as effective as, or as valued by, younger..

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Parenting Troubled Teens: An Alphabet of Emotions

As a parent living in the trenches with a struggling son or daughter you may be thrust into our world.  This likely seems like an alien world..

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Leslie Goldberg Interviewed on NPR

Leslie S. Goldberg, M.Ed., CEP was interviewed on the Faith Middleton Show on NPR last week. In the discussion, Leslie describes a couple of..

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The Beatles Were Wrong | More than Love for Struggling Teens

One of the biggest disappointments I have experienced as an adult, and upon which I will ever be able to look back and laugh, is learning the..

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College Bound or Down? Back on Track After Therapeutic School

As educational consultants we work with many families whose children might be labeled “troubled teens” or have had issues with emotional..

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Educational Consultant On College Readiness

For well over a decade I have seen adolescents able to consider post-secondary options that would have not been possible in the past. We are..

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