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Specialized Educational Consultants | On Befriending Your Kids

A generation or two ago dads went to work, moms stayed home and kids lived in fear of adult reprimands and punishments. Today, with so many..
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Colleges for Average Students? Look Beyond Average!

I always considered myself an "above average" student, (at least), and hoped my kids would be the same, (again, at least), but recent work alongside..

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Educational Consultants Boston Beat

Never before have I been asked more regularly by colleagues, clients, and the media to weigh in on the state of business for educational consultants..

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Finding Financial Aid without Losing Your Mind

It is almost April and you are likely feeling this mixture of intense emotions.  Your child has earned admission to college but wait, it costs WHAT? ..
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Demonstrate Interest in Colleges or be Disappointed in the End!

As I sat, coffee in hand, reading The Boston Globe a couple of Sundays ago, I came across Peter Schworm's article, which made me want to jump up and..
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The FAAS Buzz - A uniquely cathartic community for financial aid professionals

Nina Flood is a self-proclaimed "financial aid geek." I guess you'd assume that would hold true for someone who has lived a life dedicated to..

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Financial Aid Appeal for Household Special Needs Expenses

If you have had the challenges of finding, placing, and paying for educating and/or treating one of your children for his/her special needs, you know..

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Why a therapeutic wilderness program? Why now?

Families have been seeking our guidance for their troubled teens over the course of three decades and for those looking into such help there is no..
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Student loan scandal | What they’re not allowed to tell you now...

Which student loan option is best for you? As the old expression goes, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

Seem a bit overly..

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Educational Consulting: The Next Frontier in Employee Rewards

Two years ago, a well known CEO sat in my office crying like a baby. His son struggled with learning, emotional, and behavioral issues. Earlier that..

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